About the journal

The journal Građevinar is a research/professional journal issued by the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers (HSGI) based in Zagreb, Croatia. The journal has been continuously appearing under its the current name since 1949. It is the direct successor of the journal Viesti Kluba inžinirah i arhitektah which appeared in the period from 1880 to 1913, and which ranked among the first civil engineering journals published in south-eastern Europe. The tradition of civil engineering journals in Zagreb and Croatia remained practically uninterrupted as the initial journal Viesti was succeeded by the journal Inženjer (1913 - 1914) and, after the World War One, by Tehnički list (1919 - 1938). For some years, the journal Građevinski vjesnik was published in parallel with Tehnički list (1932 - 1941). The journal Tehnički vjesnik was published in the period from 1941 to 1944, but it appeared under the name of Tehnički vjestnik in 1943 and 1944. The first publication that appeared after World War Two was Bilten građevinskih poduzeća Hrvatske (1946 - 1948). In 1949 it was suceeded by Građevinar which has been published continuously to this day. The journal was first published by the Ministry of construction of the Popular Republic of Croatia, and then by the Head Office for Construction of the Popular Republic of Croatia. Since its first issue in 1953, the journal has been the official organ of the Croatia's Society of Civil Engineers and Technicians, and this status has remained unchanged to the present time.

The journal Građevinar is a monthly publication that has been regularly appearing 12 times a year without any interruptions for three decades now. No double issue has been published in that period, which is a change from practice that had sometimes been adopted in previous times. The journal appeared regularly and with no interruptions even during the aggression against Croatia when it was always among the first to report about hardships incurred during the Homeland War. Every issue published in the period from August 1991 to the end of 1998 contained at least one contribution about the destruction and damage inflicted on various buildings in Croatia. The journal provided prompt and regular information about the renewal of demolished and damaged facilities and buildings, and contributions about this theme are still being published in the journal.

In addition to scientific papers and professional papers (five of each generally appear in every issue), the journal also offers some professional and general information, as well as social news. The scientific/professional papers and other contributions deal with various topics focusing on civil engineering and related areas.

The scientific/professional papers are grouped into four categories, depending on their contribution to the advancement of research or professional work.

The professional and informative portion of the journal features a variety of articles about significant and large-scale domestic and foreign construction sites and reconstruction/renewal activities, including themes from history of civil engineering, interesting details from scientific and professional gatherings, new book reviews, information about novel materials, technologies and construction machinery (equipment and devices), etc.

As the official organ of the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers, Građevinar regularly provides information about current activities of this Society and affiliated societies/groups. In addition, the journal provides news about other societies, institutions and bodies, especially about issues and decisions of significance to civil engineering (such societies are the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers, joint ventures, national administrative bodies, construction companies, etc.).

The journal is made in "A4" format and each issue is composed of cca 110 pages. Fifty percent of the pages are reserved for scientific and professional papers. All categorized papers are accompanied with abstracts in Croatian language and in two foreign languages (English and German). In addition, English-language summaries are provided for all significant contributions/articles.

According to its circulation (3,500 copies), Građevinar is the biggest scientific/professional journal in the field of technical engineering in Croatia. Authors of scientific papers are mostly experts from Croatia, but papers from foreign authors are being submitted more frequently. The Journal has double blind review process from January 2012.

The Journal has
DOUBLE BLIND REVIEW process from January 2012.