For authors

General note

As of the first issue of GRAĐEVINAR for 2012, all papers will be printed in Croatian language as usual, but the on-line edition of the journal will feature full versions of all papers in English language as well. In this way, GRAĐEVINAR will help the authors to present results of their scientific research and their valuable ideas and experience to the scientific and professional community, not only in areas where Croatian language is in use, but also throughout the entire international scientific and professional community. The web pages of the journal will enable the authors to easier register their papers with the editor’s office, and to monitor current status of their papers.



As of January 2012, the so called double blind review will be applied for review of papers received by the journal, and so the authors will not know who the reviewers are and, conversely, the reviewers will not know who the authors of the papers they are reviewing are.


Paper processing charges

Submission of paper proposals for GRAĐEVINAR is free of charge.

However, publication of papers submitted to the journal involves payment of processing charges for proofreading and translations of submitted papers.

After the paper has passed through the review process and is accepted for publishing, these processing charges are calculated based on the number of pages that have been translated and proofread in order to prepare the paper for final version to be published in printed form and on the website.

Once the paper is accepted and corrections suggested by the reviewers are made, the manuscript has to be translated into Croatian language (if initially submitted in English) and the original English text must be proofread.

Translation of the paper to Croatian / English language can be organised by the authors themselves, if they can provide high quality translation. If the authors are not able to provide high quality translation, editorial office will provide translation using services of official translators appointed by the journal Građevinar.

Paper proofreading can be made only by official translators and language advisors appointed by the journal Građevinar in order to maintain high standards of professional excellence and appropriate quality of linguistic expression in all published papers.

The authors are required to bear proofreading costs (and translation cost if necessary).

Written translations are charged for on the basis of a standard page. One standard page equals 1450 characters with spaces.

  • translation of one standard page (1450 characters, English to Croatian) - 14.50 EUR
  • translation of one standard page (1450 characters, Croatian to English) - 16.50 EUR
  • proofreading of one standard page (1450 characters, (English) - 8 EUR
  • proofreading of Croatian text - free of charge (Editorial office bear the proofreading costs)

EXAMPLE: Cost of English text proofreading and translation into Croatian: 22.50 EUR / 1450 characters

Translation costs do not include references and abstract/summary.

VAT not included in the price.