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2027-2017 The effect of crest shape on discharge coefficient in linear weirs
2991-2020 A Periodic Structure as Seismic Barriers
3190-2021 Study on RC Specimens Subjected to High Temperature and Strengthened with Different Techniques
3218-2021 Disperse reinforced concrete: composition-structure-properties correlations
3222-2021 Mechanical behavior of rock mass under simulated materials shear testing
3465-2022 Experimental Investigation on the Behaviour of Cellular Foam Lightweight Concrete Blocks
3547-2022 Temperature - Water - Load Coupling Study on Stress Characteristics of BFRP - CRCP Pavement in Northeast China
3629-2022 Impact Performance of RC Piers Protected by closed-cell aluminum foam (CAF) in Different Thicknesses
3660-2022 Estimating the possibility of workday loss accidents in road constructions
3738-2023 Software Development for Retrofitting Columns with FRP Composites: A Case Study
3739-2023 Energy Principle Application in Response of Viscoelastic Bodies
3821-2023 Optimization and Design of Mixture Ratio and Basic Properties for New Energy-Saving Concrete Self-Insulation Block
3855-2023 Dimenzioniranje armiranobetonskih pravokutnih presjeka prema drugoj generaciji eurokoda