Published: Građevinar 76 (2024) 5
Paper type: Scientific research paper
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Sustainability in road construction – Two case studies

Kerim Hrapović


Sustainability in the field of traffic route construction should be considered against the background of intelligent resource conservation. A holistic assessment of sustainability, including life cycle considerations and assessments, is essential. In the first case study, the pavement structure at the heavily loaded Daimler intersection was constructed using concrete in the direct intersection area and using both concrete and asphalt in the connecting areas of all four axes. A 31 cm thick unbound frost protection layer with a grain size of 0/45 mm was placed over the existing road surface. This was followed by an 8 cm thick asphalt base course (AC 32), applied using an asphalt paver. Finally, a 26 cm thick concrete layer was placed over the asphalt base course. In the second case study, a horizontal hybrid construction method is presented using the German motorway BAB A61 in the Koblenz area as an example. Horizontal hybrid construction combines the advantages of asphalt and concrete to create a durable and resistant pavement surface capable of withstanding high traffic loads. This innovative construction method enables the optimum use of different materials and ensures efficient rehabilitation and improvement of motorway infrastructure.

road construction, pavement, sustainability, asphalt, concrete, deformation resistance, horizontal hybrid construction, service life, polypropylene fibres


Hrapović, K.: Sustainability in road construction – Two case studies, GRAĐEVINAR, 76 (2024) 5, pp. 413-423, doi:


Hrapović, K. (2024). Sustainability in road construction – Two case studies, GRAĐEVINAR, 76 (5), 413-423, doi:


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Kerim Hrapović
Institute of Highway Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, Germany
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